Save Money on your Newport Beach Wedding

One of the very first things you’ll do after getting engaged is pick the date of your wedding. A couple of different factors will influence your decision, including if your venue has availability that date and if the date is affordable. When it comes to Venue, Newport Beach California is one of the Top Best Venues in Southern California. But not all wedding dates are created equal! Some will cost you more because they are more popular, whether that’s because it’s during wedding season or because the location you’re looking to get married at is in-season and the weather is extra phenomenal. So how so you Save Money on your Newport Beach Wedding?

If you’re planning your wedding on a tight budget and looking to pick a date that wont break your bank here are three different date options that’ll save you some cash.


1. Any Friday the 13th

Since the bride and groom are hoping their wedding goes on without any interruptions or problems, they definitely want to eliminate any omen of bad luck, even if they are not normally very superstitious. That’s why picking Friday, the 13th as a wedding date, might save you a lot of money. Just ignore the bad luck part and go on with your wedding day. DJ Hustle


2. The First Weekend of January

This is a great option for a wedding for two main reasons. First, it’s after the holiday season so travel prices are less expensive. Also, in most places, it’s cold and cold months, when there aren’t major holidays, will cost you less money.

3. Weekends in the Month of March

The month of March is a great month to get married because It’s not quite wedding season , so venues and vendors will be less expensive and it’s right after the Valentine’s Day rush of weddings so it is likely you’ll get a good price on a venue and that you’ll snag your ideal date. DJ Hustle