You could not be more right by choosing Newport Beach as your wedding venue. If pristine beaches or a romantic escape are on your wedding checklist. Whether you envision an exuberant ceremony on a yacht, a glamorous encounter in a modern hotel or a charming water-front inn then Newport Beach has all for you. The natural beauty of this coastal city forecasts a romantic wedding regardless of your choices. While you have everything else arranged, entertainment services are a must for the occasion to run smoothly.

Wedding in Newport Beach California

Newport Beach Dj and Entertainment Services

The big day is special in that you will have to exchange vows with your loved one and pledge to live together for the rest of your lives. It is also the day to express your values and personalities while fulfilling religious or legal requirements at the same time. The wedding day is the ultimate day to thank your friends for their support and get the blessings of the community through gifts.

Arranging for a reception party in one of the romantic Newport Beach hotels is a sure way to culminate the once in a lifetime event. While you may be tired after an eventful day, your friends are not and will be definitely anticipating this moment. It is at this moment that the cake, a symbol of fertility, is cut. The wedding reception party also presents you the best opportunity to have the symbolic first dance. More performances such as the father-daughter dance also fit into this time slot. However, you will not have to worry about the rest of the schedule if you hire a professional dj in advance.

While it is most likely to be the first time you are planning for a wedding, professional djs do this for a living and are familiar with how things are run. They help you in planning by getting your playlist in advance and even take care of the lighting of the dance floor. With the services of a professional dj, you can be sure to get good sound and mix and the right music for the particular crowd. Apart from having quality speakers, they have microphones for through which to make announcements.

Newport Beach Dj and Entertainment Services Newport Beach dj and entertainment services

All said, it is for coordination that you will ultimately need a Newport Beach dj and entertainment services. Professional deejays are trained to emcee and through experience know when to make announcements for the bridal party toasts, first dances, and father-daughter dances and so on. These ladies and gentlemen literally take charge of the timeline as soon as the reception kicks off. Organize the rest but let a professional dj entertain the guests during reception party. DJ Hustle 

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