Are you planning to hire a DJ for your wedding or any other special events? If the answer is yes, you have to go through the various due diligence processes and you must be prepared to do your homework. In today’s holiday parties and events, there is no denying the fact that the role of a DJ is important. He or she could either make or break the event. Therefore, you must be carefully about making the right choice. There are many DJs in the market and when choosing them, here are a few important points that one must keep in mind.

  • Can They Plan The Event

The role of a good party DJ extends much beyond performing in a special event. There are quite a few things that must be put in place before the event and quite a few of them are in the domain of these professionals. It could range from having the right music requests in place. The DJ also should find ways and means between such requests so that there is no uneasy calm. Therefore, you must choose a DJ who can help you on the above tasks.

  • Are They Experienced

Always look for DJs who are experienced. It would be risky to put your money of new comers even if their rates might sound quite attractive. You should not make your main event a training sessions for inexperienced DJs. You might be spending a bit more in an experienced DJ but the value for money you can expect will more than offset a few hundred dollars which you might have ended up saving.

  • Availability And Appearance

While the DJ should be available on the specific date, they also must be able to offer you personalized attention. They should be available for discussions and consultations, either in person or through text, phone, mail and other forms of communication. Planning everything before the event is extremely critical and as a DJ, one cannot compromise on this under any circumstances. They should be well dressed and if you have a theme or specific style in mind, the DJ must be able to match the same. Personality and appearances do play a big role when it comes to performing on the stage and connecting with the guests.

  • The Focus Should Be You And The Guests

In all such special events, the focus is on the main hosts and of course the guests. Therefore, DJs ought to take steps to keep their focus on the hosts and guests. Quite often DJs make the mistake of considering them to be the star of the event and this is wrong. They must program the event in a way that they are able to entertain the host and their guests. It would be better to stay away from DJs who try to hog the limelight at your cost.

  • They Should Be Interactive

A good Party DJ is one who should be able to who can understand and read the mood of the crowd. He or she would never be found wanting when it comes to playing the right music taking into account the specific needs and requirements of the customers. It may not be always right to follow a preset or straight jacketed style of performance.

  • The Right Equipment And Technology

The performance of any Party DJ is as good or bad as the kind of equipment which they use. Therefore before hiring these professionals you must check on the kind of equipment’s which they have with them. It may not be possible for you to understand the technical jargons associated with these equipment’s. The right amount of lighting, sound effects and digitalized special effects are things which must be kept in mind before hiring these professionals.

  • Insurance And License

Finally you must be sure that you hire a DJ who has the right license and insurance. They must be ready to provide you with the copies of their valid licenses and insurance policies. These are becoming mandatory these days. Further you would be advised to look for DJs who are members of some professional organizations. You can be sure that you are hiring somebody who is professional and reliable in more ways than one.


Therefore before hiring a party DJ is not an easy job and one should start the process quite in advance. They must look up as many choices as possible and even attend a few functions to know more about them.