Brides & Grooms 10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

Each big day has its very own soundtrack—starting from the walk down the aisle to the first dance, the bunch hurl to your last goodbye, music helps set the tone for the whole day … which is the reason your DJ has such a vital part. To enable you to better vet the competitors, we’ve arranged this ace rundown of things to ask wedding DJs. Hustle 

The Basics

First of all, you must make sense of the fundamentals … like, is the DJ even accessible on your coveted date. The responses to the accompanying inquiries will enable you to get a feeling of how encountered the competitors are. DJ Hustle  

1. Is my wedding date available?

2. How long have you been doing this professionally?

Why you have to know this: Obviously, there’s a contrast between volunteer gigs and legit, paid exhibitions. Ensure your applicants are prepared so there are no hiccups on the most critical day of your life!)

3. How many weddings have you played?

4. How long have you been performing together (if you’re interviewing a band)?

5. How many weddings do you do in an average weekend?

6. Do you perform at more than one event in a day?

7. Will you be the DJ personally be playing at our wedding? Which band members should we expect?

Why you have to know this: If the DJ is playing ’round the clock all end of the week, they’re execution may endure. In the event that they’re running on exhaust, you should need to reconsider booking them. HustleTV

8. Have you done events at my wedding venue?

9. What sets you apart from your competition?

10. Can you describe your style?

Brides & Grooms 10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ DJ Hustle
Brides & Grooms 10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ DJ Hustle DJ Hustle DJ Entertainment Events Music Brides Wedding Very Nice.