Tips to consider when hiring a Santa Monica Professional DJ for your party

Book a reputable, experienced DJ

You probably know someone in your area who says he is a DJ and can easily take care of the music at your event. From experience we know that this can end in a big fiasco. Of course, if the DJ is inexperienced or just plays his own favorite songs, it will affect the atmosphere of your party and make sure no one is on the dance floor and guests want to leave as soon as possible. That’s why you’d rather book a professional DJ and see what others say about him. Read the reviews from other customers, visit the DJ website and look at the social networks. Here you can often see pictures and videos of festivals where the DJ was playing. We work only with professional and experienced artists. Santa Monica Professional DJ DJ Hustle Santa Monica Professional DJ DJ Hustle

Choose a DJ that matches the audience

Opt for a DJ who plays the music that suits the audience and the party. This is the first starting point. Most DJs specialize in a music style, such as 80s, 90s, pop music, lounge, disco or dance classics. Is the audience very diverse? Are there younger and older people at the party? Then just hire a DJ who knows exactly how to combine the different styles of music, such as an all-round DJ.

Meet with the DJ first

Have you found a DJ that seems appropriate for your party? Then make an appointment with him. At a personal meeting, you can explain exactly what you imagine for your party and share ideas together. With the music a party stands and falls, so it is important that the DJ does his job well and acts on the audience. If necessary, attend a party where he hangs up so you can see how the DJ affects the guests and whether they can inspire them.

Check the material

The DJ can only deliver a good show if he has the right equipment, such as light, sound, equipment and DJ furniture. Make sure that is regulated. However, most DJs have their own equipment, or you can be careful when booking to select a DJ including lights, sound and other devices. If the DJ has no equipment, the booking agency can arrange this for you. However, this often causes stress and requires regulation.

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