Gabe’s Bar Mitzvah Temple Israel Long Beach

We had a great event over this past weekend in Long Beach, CA at the Temple Israel Gabe’s Bar Mitzvah . Gabe lit every candle with a message for his family and friends. As the event progress Gabe’s parents both helped with the lighting of the first candle.

To everyone’s delight Gabe’s two older brothers had so many great things to say about Gabe even though they both pick on a lot, it’s all in fun say’s one of the brothers. One of Gabe’s grab the mic remember i used to put you dresses when you were little i have the picture’s to prove it. Then she pull out her cell to show everyone and everyone started to laugh.

As time went on the music started then it was time for the games, the musical chairs I will say this it went over well. The Dance off was next everyone hit the floor having the best of times.

Gabe’s Bar Mitzvah Temple Israel Long Beach

When the church choir came and song learn on me by Bill Withers it just set the whole mood for fun for the rest of the bar mitzvah. Everyone hopped on the dance floor and let it all go for the next three hours. As they started the cha cha slide everyone made it to the dance floor and did what the song said, slide to the left now slide to the right now take it back now.

As a DJ I had to take it back a little to Journey don’t stop believin then mix in Robin Thicke Blurred lines that kept them on the floor for another 30 mins.