DJ Entertainment Newport Beach

As a DJ company we offer the perfect solution to your DJ entertainment needs, we consult with you via meeting, over the phone, emails, and texts. Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service Newport Beach want our clients to feel at home when booking our services.

DJ Entertainment Newport Beach Hustle Events DJ Hustle
DJ Entertainment Newport Beach Hustle Events DJ Hustle

As we provide our DJ services we make sure that all of our DJs show up on time a few hours before the event starts. Keep in good contact with the clients all the way up until the event date to ease their mind, worrying about the DJ if they will show up is the last thing a client should thinking about.

As the event starts the dj will start off with the clients play list then move into top 40 as the night progress our DJ will take requests from all guests the dance lighting will set the mood and the DJ will set the vibe.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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