DJ Newport Beach Top Questions To Ask

Your having an event in a few months you go to DJ has been book by another client and you are looking for another great DJ for your event.

How would you describe your style of DJ ing

This would be one of the most important questions when asking seven to ten DJs you looking into hiring for your event. Most DJs don’t know how to answer the question since it’s not really asked. So to put things in prospective think about who you’re looking to hire.

DJ Newport Beach Top Questions To Ask
DJ Newport Beach Top Questions To Ask

Are you looking into hiring a young up and coming DJ who scratches and not really blends his music and over talks the music. Or your looking into an older classic DJ who knows what to play at the right time, how do you know the difference when interviewing DJs

How Many events have you done on the last year? How many where Wedding / Clubs?

This question will lead into you a sense of their experience as event and wedding DJ. I know many DJs who do hundreds of events in a year but they do two or three wedding in a year. This is not the DJ for your wedding, that DJ would great for a social event.

How would you incorporate our music play list?

This question you’re asking the DJ how can we work together and most times they don’t you your asking the question there answer will let you know if there the one for the job. This is the perfect time to send the play list, do not play list to the DJ.

Do you take request?

This is very important to your guests that at anytime throughout the event they could ask the DJ to play songs without the DJ being rude. The only time a DJ shouldn’t take requests is when the floor is packed and he or she knows the song that your requesting will clear the floor that would not be good for the an empty dance floor.

Have you DJ at this venue before?

Most likely the DJ of your choice has work at the venue before if not you can make sure DJ company has the contact information of the event / wedding planner to where to load in equipment at the appropriate time.

DJ Attire what to you where during event or wedding?

This is a very important question what would you be wearing to our event. Event DJs many times have on a nice polo shirt and slacks. Wedding DJs may wear a suit it really depends on you the client.

Type of equipment do you use?

 DJ Hustle
DJ Hustle

As client you want the best DJ at your event / wedding. You have to ask question there’s so many bad stories of DJs showing up with one speaker and the microphone had issue’s or DJ was dj ing from his or her cell phone. Your DJ should have professional equipment suitable for your guests and the venue.

Demo mixes example of you DJ Style

Asking a DJ for a sample mix just to know how they mix this will tell you a lot about the DJ skill, how the DJ transition into another song. A Professional will offer mixes and video’s that show cases the talent of the DJ company.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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