Things Your Wedding DJ Want You To Know

Your wedding day is almost here now it’s time to get everyone together for the celebration everyone let’s party until the last call. What’s the best music to play for this not a crazy play list to get people out of their seats?

If you and you fiancé searching for a DJ company and don’t a band. You’re looking for a responsible entertainment company to take your wedding day to the next level. Along with finding a great entertainment company make sure you have planned and budgeted for this. As you pick you’re entertainment the DJ and their team will work with you hands down.

Things Your Wedding DJ Want You To Know Newport Beach Hustle events Entertainment DJ service
Things Your Wedding DJ Want You To Know Newport Beach Hustle events Entertainment DJ service

Know how to spot a fake DJ

We all know people who call themselves DJs because they DJ ed a few house parties and college frat events and the one’s who think by turning few knobs on mixer make them a DJ. Just because you play EDM Music you not a DJ, technology has made everyone think that he or she can be a DJ.

When looking for a DJ make sure you do do your research key word research finding a DJ on Craigs list or a low budget website will have you crying the blues. Setting down with the DJ company face to face having a conversation about you’re special day is the most important thing.

When you are meeting a DJ here are few things they should have pictures, video’s of past events also pictures of their equipment, Mac book controller, turntables, speakers, mic, lighting. Talk with the DJ and a clear understand of what you want you don’t want some who’s to talkative that means there not listening to your needs.

WiFi no go

Many DJs say our music library is large and maybe it is but is it with you iCloud doesn’t cut it. If the DJ can’t log into wifi then what you as the client are in bad shape. Having a hard drive full is the latest music and some oldie but goodies is the best for your DJ to have.

Communication with your DJ

What’s the best way to talk to your DJ you turn on the radio and you hear a new song by Katy Perry and you want it played at your wedding. Should you text, email or call the DJ. Ive always informed our clients to call at anytime they needed anything from us. When a wedding is 12 months out I encourage our clients to make a new list every month three weeks before the wedding date email us there play list.

The DJ needs to know who’s in attendance

This is very important to the DJ who’s coming to your wedding, as DJs we want everyone to have great time. Our job is make sure we don’t play the music to loud that your grandmother will complain and your niece I didn’t hear my favorite song I did have a great time.

Requests are great but not to many

People will provide great input 10 to 15 songs should enough, everyone loves soft rock and 80’s pop my mother wants Michael Jackson Billie Jean. Cupid shuffle and the Wobble for the most you ask the DJ to play those song let the DJ work trust the person you hired for the job.

Feeding The DJ and their team

When you book the DJ company ask how many staff members will be coming as well. John suggest that you can’t DJ when you’re hungry you get upset easy and that not good for the clients. let’s say your DJ ing the ceremony, cocktail hour and wedding reception that easily 6 to 8 hours plus setup and break down.

Tip don’t feel obligated to

Your wedding reception was perfect everyone had a great time should you tip if you feel the DJ company did a wonderful with class It’s at the sole discretion you should feel pressure to do so. Make sure you look at your contract and go from there.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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