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Every person has a sound track to their lives from driving in the car or singing along with friends at a party. This is why a DJ is so important to your event to help you put together the perfect vibe for your event. The more music knowledge you have this will make for the best party.

Top Rated DJ Newport Beach For Services Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service DJ Hustle
Top Rated DJ Newport Beach For Services Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service DJ Hustle

The Need

Knowing which DJ you’re going to hire for the event. This is a very difficult due to, there are so many people claiming to be DJs what would be the best why to find and hire a DJ.

  1. Google a DJ in your area? See what DJs have to offer that’s right for you and your guests.
  2. Check the DJs ratings?
  3. Look at a DJs website? If a DJ has no website stop looking for that DJ. Pretty much all business are online from the smallest to the big 5.
  4. Check social media for DJs Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? Professional DJ businesses will have a social media page and website, videos, and pictures for you to see their work.
  5. Choosing the DJ after you’ve done your research?
  6. Is my event date available?
  7. How long have you been DJ ing professionally? This should be the number one question that comes to mind.
  8. How many events have you done? You don’t want a DJ who’s just starting out to DJ your event that’s a big no no.
  9. How many events do you DJ a weekend? You don’t want a DJ to be too tired to perform for your event.
  10. What sets your apart from other DJs?
  11. What is your DJ style like? Very important question to ask some DJs scratch in their sets. Some talk over the music all night, make sure you know what you’re getting out of the DJ.
  12. What other service to do you provide? Asking if the DJ provides others service is key due to they may have a photo booth, up lighting dance lighting.
  13. How big is you music library? If your guests are 30 years and up you need to know if the DJ can provide great music for your guests.
  14. Do you take requests from guests? This will great for your guests to feel at ease to know they ask the DJ to play there favorite songs during the event.
  15. Can we send you our music playlist? This is really asking the DJ can we work together.
  16. How much will you charge for over time?
  17. DJ you have Insurance? Many venues do require vendors to have insurance.
  18. What other information will you need before our event?
  19. Will you provide us with a contract?
  20. What type of equipment will you be using? As a DJ company the DJ will provide sound. Depending on the DJ make sure the company can and will provide picture’s and video of their equipment at meeting.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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