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Planning the Ultimate event or wedding check list and timeline

Setting down and planning the terms of your wedding is a 12 to 14 month process. This is your dream wedding and it takes time to plan we’re not saying you couldn’t in less time but the more time you have would be best.

12. Month

Determine The budget

It’s that time to do the math this is the not so fun time to look at the numbers. This is the time you talk about who’s paying for what this will determine your weddings bottom line than you can break down the budget. What’s the priority and what’s not then start allocationg funds to the proper places. This is to keep track of all the spending and it will be easy to make adjustment as needed.

1 Rated Newport Beach DJ Services serving Orange County Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service DJ Hustle
1 Rated Newport Beach DJ Services serving Orange County Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service DJ Hustle

Making a Guest List

If you could invite everyone from high school to college that would be great but chances are you won’t do so. Now this why you should have cap on dishing out invites. Deciding the head count, consider your budget think about how much you can afford, the venue size how many people will the venue hold inside. Now it’s time to figure out who’s footing the bill will your parents contribute remember they want say of comes to the wedding as well.

Hire a Wedding Planner

This will depend on your budget if your funds will allow you to so hiring a wedding planner will be an asset on your wedding day. The wedding planner can guide you through the process of finding a venue and your decisions on the theme handling all the logistics.

Deciding Formality’s and Theme

Taking the time to sit down and looking your significant other in the eyes and having a heart to heart. The vibe of your wedding needs to be mutual between the both of you who will be the guest of honor, what’s important to you two and why? What do you both value?

1 Rated Newport Beach DJ Services serving Orange County DJ Hustle
1 Rated Newport Beach DJ Services serving Orange County DJ Hustle

The Venue

Both sides of the family is coming we already who we are marrying. The real question is where are we getting married at what venue. Location is very important and the time of year can be a problem if you don’t book the venue ahead of time. This is why you explore and select the best venue for you budget.

The Caterer

You’re having the biggest dinner party ever of your life and you want it to be the best. How do you feed 350 people at once well start with the best caterer your wedding planner and you approve of and don’t be afraid to be very creative this means shock your guests with great food and great cocktails.

Hire Respectable Vendors

The day starts with a respectable photographer and videographer all the pictures and videos will make for great memories. The DJ will take your wedding reception to the next level by playing the music that everyone wants to hear throughout the night. Especially taking requests from you guests and those songs that your grandmother wants to dance to. Having professionals vendor at your wedding is key this mean you and your significant other will have to do your research.

Guests Hotel Rooms

It would be great to book your out of town family members and guests a hotel rooms it’s thoughtful gesture.

Build Your Wedding Website

Making a wedding website get your site up and running put your URL on save the date for the next month.

Engagement Photos

This is the best time to get in front of the camera to take those photos for your wedding website and this is the time to have practice being in front of the camera for your wedding day.

Buy The wedding Dress Of Your dreams

Well they say you only get married once in a life time so make it count by getting the perfect wedding dress.

Gifts Register

You must involve your better half for this one it’s very important to start off on the right foot to share in everything that you’re planning for right? What do you ask for when you register? Let’s start off with pots and pans bed sheets coffee machine think about each other.

Selecting the Bridesmaids Dresses and The Groomsmen Tuxedos Fitting

After doing your research browsing the net and wedding websites for dresses and getting everyone together on the same day for the fitting. Select the colors that you and significant other have picked out.

Rehearsal – Dinner Venue

Usually the grooms family foots the bill for the dinner so make sure you treat this special time to impress his parents. It can be a restaurant or home style setting for dinner what ever the case it’s family.

Ceremony Musicians

You already have DJ but if your funds let you to do you might want to look into a three piece band and a wedding singer song list to keep your guests entertained.

Hiring a Lighting Technician

If you want all the bells and whistle for your wedding reception with a next level light show to add with the music uplighting and dance lighting would be nice for your guests to appreciate this experience.

Transportation For Out of Town Guests

The family who’s never been to a big wedding like yours if your budget is right. Hire a limo driver and for the bride and grooms parents a stretch Escalade limo.

Photo Booth Rental

Photo booth have taken over weddings everywhere some people spend more time in them then on the dance floor dancing this would would be a great addition to your wedding.

Marriage License

Very important that you and your significant other go and get your license months before the wedding day.

DJ Services serving Orange County hustle events entertainment dj service dj hustle
DJ Services serving Orange County hustle events entertainment dj service dj hustle

Give The DJ Your Play List

Music will be a very important throughout your wedding make sure you have great communication with your DJ and the rest of the vendors.

The Vendors Pay Them In full

It’s a crazy feeling when the DJ or band see’s people leaving the wedding at the end of the night and they haven’t been paid yet. Make sure you take care of the vendors as they took care of you for past several months.

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