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Putting your event together you have already figured out who your DJ is going to be now you have to see are they available on your desired date? Here are a few question you should ask and get a sense of a great candidates.

DJ Newport Beach Entertainment Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service
DJ Newport Beach Entertainment Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service
  1. Are you available on my date?
  2. How long have you DJ ing Professionally? Why is this question important you, you don’t want a DJ who just started DJing a few weeks ago at your event you need a professional who knows how the read the crowed.
  3. How Events have you played?
  4. How Many events do you do per weekend? If the DJ is playing around town all week you don’t want a DJ who’s tired coming to your event. You might want to rethink hiring this DJ and look for another DJ company.
  5. Do you DJ more than one event a day?
  6. Will you be the DJ at our event? This is a new age where DJs sub contract out others who have less skill. If you meet with the DJ and you like them make sure you ask this question you don’t want any surprises at your event.
  7. How are you different from other DJs?
  8. Tell us about your DJ Style? You don’t want a DJ who scratches all night or over talks the music while DJ ing your event.
  9. What other services do you provide? You might have gold mind with this DJ company they may have a photo booth and other stuff you many need, remember ask the questions.
  10. Can we give you our music play list? When it comes to play list remember you have guests coming keep them in mind as well.
  11. Do you take request from quests? great question ask some DJs don’t take requests so make sure you ask them before you consider hiring them.
  12. Do we get a contract?
  13. How do you receive payment? very few people carry cash anymore some still do. Work out the payment arrangement way the day of the event.
  14. Will we talk anymore before our event?

We at Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service hope that the question above have given you great information and help you book a great DJ company in are area.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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