What To Expect From Your DJ At You Wedding

As a professional DJ Company we will do a lot more for you at your wedding reception than just play music. Here’s what you can expect from any of our professional DJs

Cocktail hour. As you and the wedding party are out taking pictures your guests will enjoy cocktail hour and appetizers, and talking with other guests. Your DJ will play your choice of cocktail music, from light jazz, classical something from the Rat Pack.

What To Expect From Your DJ At You Wedding www.HustleGrind.com
What To Expect From Your DJ At You Wedding www.HustleGrind.com

This is the best time to have your own touch on what the DJ plays for your guests not to have them dancing but to keep the mood light and easy going.

Wedding Party Grand Entrance. The DJ will one or more songs for your grand entrance. The songs will be upbeat and very energetic, due this is a very festive moment. Many couple choose to have one song for everyone to walk into and others may have one song for the bride and groom and another for the bridal party.

Speeches and Toasts. The DJ will provide a wireless microphone to the father of the bride, best man bridesmaid and the minister and anyone else who plans to speak.

Dinner. The DJ will play nice back ground music that will not be too loud or interfere with your guests table conversations.

Special dances. The DJ introduce you for your first dance, wedding party, father and daughter dance, with the song being played. Then open the floor for the guests so they won’t leave.

DJ Hustle Wedding www.HustleGrind.com Newport Beach
DJ Hustle Wedding www.HustleGrind.com Newport Beach

Dancing. As a DJ Company we ask for your play list of your favorite songs then our DJ will mix them in a way that flows for your guests on the dance floor. Most often the old school gets played first for the grand parents Motown, Disco, Rock N Roll. When giving us your play list consider all of your guests so they will have a great time and the DJ will take requests at the appropriate time.

Bouquet/Garter. The DJ will oversee the bouquet and garter tosses, each will have its own song, upbeat by them the quests will be more into it due to they will have a few drinks in them and the song you choose will add excitement to this great moment.

Final song. Talking with the bride and groom to be they want to pick their own song for the last dance. But you know everyone will ask for one more song to be played, but you have to be respectable to the venue and the couple and end the evening on a positive note.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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