Newport Beach How To Plan YouThe Summer Event

Every party has it own theme music as you plan your event your thinking about start to finish about the music and the people coming to your event. As you sit down with your party planner going over all the details venues choices, and the list of DJs you have to interview.

The Budget

What’s important to you these are the things you need to know before you start planning anything. The venue where will you be holding your star studded event to bring out who’s who’s to your party. Newport Beach , Dana Point or Huntington Beach they all have great venues for what you are looking for.

Setting down with your team to go over all expenses for your event what’s really needed to pull this event off and stay on budget. If you enough in your budget you should hire an event planner he or she will be your best asset and give you a peace of mind trust us.

Newport Beach How To Plan You The Summer Event DJ Hustle
Newport Beach How To Plan You The Summer Event DJ Hustle

After you book your venue now it’s time to setting up interviews to book your vendors, The professional DJ company have the DJ send you links before you meet, or if like the DJ from one of the past events contact them to see if they’re available for you new event.

Ask the DJ company to provide links to their mixes so you know what you getting. Also check the DJ company website and social media to make sure they’re real and have great reviews.

The Photographer

Meeting with your Photographer ask a few questions how long have you been doing this professionally? Are you available on our date, do you have a portfolio that we can see, could you send us some links.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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