Timeline Planning Your Wedding Day

You’re planning to get married in the next 14 months, you popped the question and it’s yes, now the ring is on her finger what’s the next thing to do. Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, but you have enough time to hire a wedding planner.

With a wedding planner by your side it’s less stressful and more fun. The engagement 14 months before your wedding day gives you more time to choose and book the venues.

Timeline Planning Your Wedding Day DJ Hustle
Timeline Planning Your Wedding Day DJ Hustle

12 Months

Putting Your budget Together

It’s time sit down with your significant other and do the math before you start planning anything for your wedding day. Break down your expenses figure out who’s paying for what and determine your weddings bottom line. What’s your priority and what’s not a priority

Your wedding planner can help you stay in your budget and assist with allocating funds accordingly. Doing research can help with saving money in the long run.

Make a Guest List

In your dreams you wish that you could invite everyone you know, no you can’t which is why you have to put a cap on the invites. When making your head count, consider your budget ( can we afford this) think about the venue ( how many people can fit in here?)

Consider both sets of parents who they want to invite and the parties involved. Keep this in mind who’s footing the bill who’s contributing to your wedding day to help make it wonderful.

The Venue

It’s time to select where you’re getting married choosing a venue is one of the most important things next to your significant other. Location can effect everything if it not booked a leased a year of head of time, picking the flowers for the table to the table dressing this is why you want to look at all your options.

Hiring Vendors They Book Up Quick

Do your research before you make the call remember the vendors will make your wedding fun and you will have memories for a lifetime. Your DJ your photographer, band, and videographer.

Hotel For Your Guests

Make it easy for your guests to check into an Hotel have a block and get them deals so when they check in it’s almost free.

Your Wedding Website

Create a wedding website to keep all of your family and guests who’s invited information of everything that is going with you two.

Engagement Photo

It’s time to be the center of attention in front of the camera get your practice in now before your wedding day.

Looking At Invitations

To your invited guests getting a that invitation in mail speaks loud and clear. This is why you put your best two feet forward with a custom and personalized invitation. Hire a graphic designer to make it look very professional and out of this world.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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