Planning Your Newport Beach Wedding

  You’ve sat down with you family and informed them you have found the right one to marry. Now it’s time to pop the question to her will you marry me and the answer is yes. Its time to start planning your big day taking care of all the important details can be overwhelming. If you give yourself enough time to plan 12 to 14 months out the job becomes fun and less stressful.

Planning Your Newport Beach Wedding Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service DJ Hustle
Planning Your Newport Beach Wedding Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service DJ Hustle

By taking you time breaking the year down month by month you will take the planning phase and process into pieces and it will be less overwhelming to you and your family.

The engagement the ideal length is 12 months out this is a great time to think about venues you want to visit also look into making a check list for your wedding. Determine Your Budget It’s time to really look at what you’re going to be spending your money on and before you start figure out who’s paying for what? What’s a Priority? What’s not? determine your weddings bottom line. Another great thing you and your significant other should consider is a wedding spread sheet so you could make adjustment when ever you need to keep track of your budget.

Guest List Think about everyone who you want to invite to your wedding everyone from high school ha ha ha college I think not right? Most likely you can’t this is why you have to put a cap on who you invite. Make sure when your’re considering your head count think about the budget How much can you afford? and how big is the venue, how many people will it fit. Who’s helping you? Who’s contributing to your wedding day mom and dad well I’m sure they have people who the want to invite to your wedding as well.

Hire a Wedding Planner Check you budget to hire a great wedding planner he or she will be a great asset to you, this person will guild you through this process they will keep you up today with everything. the wedding planner can help you with selecting a wedding venue in Newport Beach also help tracking you budget and handling most of everything you need.

Selecting a Venue  You’re getting married and everyone knows to whom. The real question is what venue will you choose and where? It’s ruff we know: Picking a great a venue is a very big decisions it’s important that you make the right choice that makes you happy. It’s one of the biggest expenses you’re going to make for your wedding this is why you have to explore all of your options, visit the top four venues and select a place that feels right to you.

Picking a Caterer The Wedding your wedding will be the largest and best dinner party of your life. How do you feed 250 people dearest family members and friends? You’ll have to start with hiring a great caterer who you trust to deliver food or use the venue in house staff to serve your guests. When it comes to your guests surprise them with your creativity tasting new pies and different cocktails so your wedding will be talk about for years to come.

11 Months Out Start Thinking of Over All Design Choose a Color Google wedding themes, pull up Pinterest boards look for great designs that will give you inspiration. Think about how you design your home also the you look at on Facebook and Instagram past posts you liked.

Hiring Vendors Photographer, Videographer, Band and DJ They Book Quickly.  Keep this is mind vendors make the night very very very fun and the memories last a life time. Do your research before you even think about calling them, use google to help you find the best vendors for you and your loved ones. Check out reviews and just because you see a bad review doesn’t mean their not a good fit for you we can’t stress this enough we had many calls from clients who didn’t do there research.

10 Months Start Looking For Your Wedding Dress and His Tuxedo If you don’t know where to start hit google for your wedding dress they have a David’s Bridal everywhere this just to get you started.

Hotel Rooms For You Guests  Think ahead and get a few rooms block out for you guest and secure a discounted rate for them.

Make a Yourself A Wedding Website  Nowadays its very ease to make a wedding website to keep family and friends in the know.

Take Engagement Photos Since you book your Photograher now it’s time to get that practice in front of the camera so on your wedding day you two will be pros at take pictures.

Planning Your Newport Beach Wedding Start Looking at Invitations and Take Your Time Wedding invitations will be your guest first impresstion of your wedding day. This is why you wan to take your time and put your best into it. You could hire a graphic designer or if you have the skills you and your significant other can pull it off together. 

9 Months Out Choose Your Dress It’ time to grab your dress and his tux and be done with it.

Send Save The Date For Your Wedding It’s official let everyone know the date, time and where it’s going to be.

8 Months Out Gift Registration   Think about what you may need do you live in a home, apartment, or with your parents this should give you a great prospective on what you and your significant should be asking for in your home.

Select the Bridesmaids Dresses  

After doing countless hours of research online now you’re ready to pick up your bridesmaids and go dress shopping. The options selecting your colors keep what will go with what letting the bridesmaids have a choice in what they wear is a big plus.  

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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