Characteristics of Great Wedding DJ Newport Beach

A wedding DJ plays an important role in a wedding. The DJ sets the tone for the occasion by playing the right music at the right time. Try to remember the last boring event that you’ve attended and it’s probably because of a lack of a DJ or a lack of a good one. Hiring a DJ can be difficult because of the presence of countless DJs offering their services. Below is a list of the characteristics you should look for if you want to find a great DJ for your wedding.

Characteristics of Great Wedding DJ Newport Beach DJ Hustle
Characteristics of Great Wedding DJ Newport Beach DJ Hustle

Listens to the client

A great DJ doesn’t just go to an event with his own playlist. He talks to the client first to ask them what they want. He also makes an assessment of the client to determine the ideal music that would need the client’s needs. A great DJ is aware that a wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person. With this in mind, he will come up with a playlist that will make the occasion more special and meaningful to the client’s life. If you notice that a DJ is not attentive to your needs, then maybe you should look for another one. 

Works with the venue

Not all events are perfect. For one, venues can oftentimes be problematic and are not always conducive to music. But a great DJ knows how to work with all kinds of venues. DJs should take on the responsibility of calling whoever is in charge of the venue to make the necessary arrangement. This way, the DJ can remove some of the stress that the couple is experiencing. A great DJ is proactive when it comes to working with the venue and doesn’t just show up on the day of the event. 

Can also serve as MC

The great DJs don’t just play music, they can also serve as master of ceremonies or MCs. They know how to entertain people and engage them so they can become active participants instead of being just spectators. The best DJs are those who know how to put on a show so your wedding will never get boring. He should be in charge of the timeline. He should know when the party should start when to hold different activities, and when to end. Last but not the least, he should know how to get people on the dance floor. 

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