Quality Of Wedding DJ Newport Beach

You’re sitting down with your significant other going over questions you want to ask the DJ person when they walks in. Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service understands that every couple has a sound track to there lives. No matter if its Rock, County, Hop Hop or EDM we got you covered all the way. If it’s the grand entrance to the first dance to the bouquet toss we will be their just for you. 

The more knowledge we have from you to give you the best service possible on your special day we’ve made a master list of question you should ask us or any other DJ Company you want to hire for your wedding.

Quality Of Wedding DJ Newport Beach Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service DJ Hustle
Quality Of Wedding DJ Newport Beach Hustle Events Entertainment DJ Service DJ Hustle

The Basic

You know you want a great DJ for your wedding what type of DJ are you looking for a famous DJ a professional wedding DJ, a Radio DJ lastly or someone you know as a DJ. Well let’s break this down for you. Will the famous DJ take care of you and your guests or will he or she just play music and turn nobes and make no announcements. Next up the professional wedding DJ, Radio DJ below there are question you should ask before you hire them for your wedding day. 

1) Is my wedding day available?

2) How long have you been a Wedding DJ? This question is really great for everyone who you’re interviewing about your wedding day no matter if their famous or not. Remember it’s your wedding.

3) How many weddings have you played this year?

4) Do you play at more then one event in a day.? You want your DJ be focus just on you wedding day and that’s it.

5) Do you provide other services besides DJ ing? 

6) Do you have a website?

7) Do your have reference we can contact?

8) What type of DJ gear to you use? You don’t want your DJ showing up old equipment do you.

9) Can we give you a play list?

10) Do you take request from guests? Not all DJs take requests keep this in mind, if the DJ says no keep looking for the one who says yes.

We also provide red carpet services as guests walk into your event one of our hosts will interview the guest. Photography is one of our services feel free to contact at anytime 24 hours a day. Check out our reviews

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