With over a decade of experience hosting and DJing Weddings, we understand there are a million details you are worried about. Let the entertainment not be one of them. With DJ Hustle , have peace of mind that your guests will walk away with a memory that will last a lifetime. Telling your friends and family what a blast they had at your wedding. This is what your guests will take home from them.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is even more important for us to put that same love and care into your Event. With DJ Hustle , you receive quality, experience, fun, and perfection.

DJ Hustle only performs on Concert Quality Equipment. These are our musical instruments, our tools to create great sound. It’s not easy to use the best equipment, it requires more skill, more training, and it’s more expensive. When you work hard at any craft its worth it to use the tools that reflect the quality of the work.

Whatever your Wedding needs is what we will provide. When you hire a Hustle Events, we aren’t just someone who plays music behind a table. We help break the ice in a professional manner that doesn’t make others feel uncomfortable. DJ Hustle has worked professionally in Wedding Entertainment and come with trained MC microphone skills. Anyone can play music, but not everyone can be a professional MC that can host an Event.

What sets DJ Hustle apart the most is the amount of research that goes into each one of our events. We work closely with you to find out exactly what you need. From age demographics, to timeline, to special lights and colors, we are here to help. For over a decade, we stand by our results. Perfection is Paramount with Hustle Events, let us be the final touch to a perfect Wedding.